Trump Calls for Unity of Americans

Trump Calls for Unity of Americans
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9 November 2016
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Washington, Nov 9 (Prensa Latina) US President-elect Donald Trump called on Americans to join and promised that he would be the leader of all his compatriots.

In a conciliatory tone, the real estate tycoon pointed out that 'we must unify our great country', and look for a better future for millions of people, above the differences of races, genders and religion in order to renew what he called 'the American dream'.

Every American will have the opportunity to fulfill his aspirations, we will rebuild our infrastructures, schools, hospitals, we will put millions of people to work, we will take care of our veterans, he added.

He said he has a grand economic plan to strengthen the economy, and said he will tell the international community that the interests of the United States are first, 'we will seek common ground with other nations, without hostility to other countries.'

He thanked the support of his work team and his family throughout the campaign, in which he said, worked a considerable group of talented people, and in particular mentioned the role played by Rudolf Giuliani, ex-mayor of New York.

Trump won the November 8 election, winning 288 electoral votes against Clinton, who reached 215.

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