Clinton Leads Trump by 1.3 Points Four Days Before Elections

Clinton Leads Trump by 1.3 Points Four Days Before Elections
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4 November 2016
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Washington, Nov 4 (Prensa Latina) Just four days before the presidential elections in the United States, the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, maintains a slight lead of 1.3 points over her Republican rival, Donald Trump, according to an average of all the national polls.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll places the former Secretary of State six points above the New York billionaire (45-39), while the CBS News / The New York Times survey gives Clinton three advantage points (47-44) .

The survey by ABC / Washington Post also shows the former First Lady will be the winner with two points lead over Trump (49-47) and the results presented by IBD / TIPP Tracking and Gravis, declare a tie between the candidates 44- 44 and 50-50, respectively.

Only the Rasmussen Report shows Donald Trump as the winner, with three points over his Democratic opponent.

According to the states' breakdown, the Republican magnate leads Arizona by five points, Georgia (1), Utah (6), Texas (9) and Arkansas (20).

Clinton is leading in Pennsylvania (1), Michigan (3), Colorado (6), Florida (3) California (20).


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