Argentinean Unions Strike for Better Wage Deal

Argentinean Unions Strike for Better Wage Deal
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21 October 2016
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Buenos Aires, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) The Argentine unions known as CTA and CTA Autonoma have today mobilized in a protest against the Government''s intention to limit salary rises in upcoming wage negotiations.

Both movements have also declared that they will go to the streets on November 4th, the newspaper, Página 12, reports.

In addition, in a meeting that took place with the Government, employers and the General Union of Workers (CGT, in Spanish), with the absence of the CTA, it was agreed that bonuses would be limited to 2,000 pesos per year (around 130 dollars).

'The bonus is a crumb, and only those who can, will pay it,' Hugo Yasky, one of the leaders of the CTA, said to Pagina 12.

Both entities have declared that they will carry out several strikes and rallies alongside other social movements to demand that the Government take measures to deal with the growth of unemployment and poverty, the source added.

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