Syria's Only Alternative Is Victory, Presidential Advisor Says

Syria's Only Alternative Is Victory, Presidential Advisor Says
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9 September 2016
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Syria's only alternative is victory, and the future has already been determined by the blood of the Syrian army martyrs and the resistance of the people, said presidential advisor Bouzeina Shabaan.

In an interview with national television, Shabaan said that the current political scene undoubtedly favors the government and the people and is against those who started the war and generated unrest.

In this sense, she added that Syria's strength reinforces Russia and China's position in the international level, and any negotiation involving the separatist project in the northern province of Hasaka will be doomed to failure.

There are millions of Kurds that reject any cessation project; they are patriots and love Syria, Shabaan stressed.

Shabaan explained that 'Turkey is trying to harvest the results of what it did against the Syrian state, but we have Russia and Iran as honest allies, coordinating with us word by word.

She also referred to the national reconciliation program and was surprised by the stir some have caused in the United Nations about this topic and the achievements in Syrian areas like Daraya and Moadamieh.

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