Firearms Control goes to the Polls in the US

Firearms Control goes to the Polls in the US
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15 August 2016
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Voters in four US states will decide at the polls if they will adopt or not stricter measures on weapons control in the elections to be held next November 8th, official sources indicate.

After years of obstacles in Congress and in state legislatures, voters in Maine and Nevada will decide whether to extend the requirements for record checking to include the sale of private guns.

While in the northwestern state of Washington, voters will contemplate whether to put the guns out of the hands of people who are under extreme risk protection orders, including restraining orders and people at risk of suicide.

Also in California voters will decide the prohibition or not of the possession of large capacity weapons (Proposition 63), which also requires individuals to pass a record check before buying ammunition.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and other pro-gun organizations prepare campaign against these initiatives although its main focus is directed against Democrat Hillary Clinton, in favor of greater a control on these devices.

Only six states have expanded record checks since the incident that took place almost four years ago at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, where twenty children and adults killed were killed by a gunman.

Since then, the Congress dominated by Republicans rejected several bills on guns control.

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