French National Assembly Approves Labor Reform Bill by Decree

French National Assembly Approves Labor Reform Bill by Decree
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6 July 2016
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Paris, Jul 6 (Prensa Latina) The controversial labor reform bill by the French Government was approved today by decree in its second reading at the National Assembly, because a motion to ban the Executive from approving it was not presented.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced yesterday that he would resort again to a constitutional shortcut to achieve approval of the reform.

He was talking about the article 49.3 of the Constitution, which grants the power of approving a bill without the consent of the National Assembly, where it should have been discussed in a second reading.

Faced with the difficulty to reach the majority of votes in that legislative authority, in which everything seemed that even deputies for the Government Socialist Party (PS) would object the the initiative, Valls decided to opt for the aforementioned shortcut.

That copnstitutional instrument was decided because the Executive was convinced that it was a text for social progress that answered to the country's needs and should be adopted, said Valls to the deputies.

In his opinion, the document has been enriched and will be good to fight the mass unemployment that has existed in France for 30 years.

To the detractors of the text, it favors businesspeople to the detriment of the workers' rights, giving more power to those formerly mentioned, regarding organization of the working time and dismissals.

However, the ecologist and communist deputies, and those called socialist rebels, did not get the 58 necessary signatures to present the banning motion in the 24 stipulated hours.

Thus, the bill will go to the Senate for a second reading. If there are discrepancies in that chamber, it will return to the Assembly for its definitive vote, scheduled for July 20.

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