No Reason to Invoke OAS Democratic Charter in Venezuela, Bolivia Says

No Reason to Invoke OAS Democratic Charter in Venezuela, Bolivia Says
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16 June 2016
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SANTO DOMINGO – There is no reason to implement the Organization of American States Democratic Charter in Venezuela because that country “has not broken institutional rule,” Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca said on Wednesday.

Venezuela’s “democratic institutions have not been interrupted. All the institutions are functioning,” Choquehuanca said in a press conference in Santo Domingo.

“There is no need to invoke Article 20 of the Democratic Charter,” the Bolivian foreign minister said, adding that all countries have problems and they should be resolved by domestic authorities without third-party intervention.

“There are problems in Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil and the United States, but their people and authorities have always had the ability to resolve their problems,” Choquehuanca said.

Choquehuanca was accompanied by Attorney General Hector Arce and other officials at the press conference.

The foreign minister is attending the OAS General Assembly in Santo Domingo, where he defended Bolivia’s claim to sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday.

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