UN Human Rights Chief Decries 'Insufficient Gun Control' in US Following Orlando Attack

UN Human Rights Chief Decries 'Insufficient Gun Control' in US Following Orlando Attack
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14 June 2016
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The office of the United Nations human rights chief is decrying "insufficient gun control" in the United States and urging its leaders "to live up to its obligations to protect its citizens."

In the wake of a gunman's deadly attack on a Florida nightclub, U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein criticized "irresponsible pro-gun propaganda" in the United States claiming that firearms make society safer, "when all evidence points to the contrary."

He questioned the ease with which people in the United States can obtain firearms and assault weapons like one used in Sunday's attack.

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“It is hard to find a rational justification that explains the ease with which people can buy firearms, including assault rifles, in spite of prior criminal backgrounds, drug use, histories of domestic violence and mental illness, or direct contact with extremists – both domestic and foreign,” Zeid said.

Citing a U.N. report on firearms in April, Zeid pointed to examples of how control of firearms in many countries led to a "dramatic reduction in violent crime."

“In the United States, however, there are hundreds of millions of guns in circulation, and every year thousands of people are killed or injured by them,” the High Commissioner said.

The recent U.N. report states that protection of human rights must be central to the development of laws and regulations regarding the availability, transfer and use of firearms.

According to data collected from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), there have been 6,030 gun related deaths and more than 12,000 gun related injuries in 2016.

Meanwhile, GVA data also revelaed that at least two mass shootings have occured since Sunday's massacre in Orlando, which left 50 dead and 49 people injured.

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