French Workers Remain on Strike Against Labor Reform

French Workers Remain on Strike Against Labor Reform
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3 June 2016
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Workers from Paris's railroad, port and metropolitan transport sectors remain on strike to demand the definite elimination of the bill.

The National Railroad Society reported that the strike called yesterday by three unions was followed by 17 percent of the staff. Therefore, only 60 percent of high-speed trains circulated and between 30 and 40 percent of regional trains were in service.

Walkouts also remain in refineries and fuel deposits.

According to the information released, 16 of the 19 nuclear plants in the country also announced their strikes starting on Thursday, which could lead to power cuts at some point.

Air controllers unions call for a strike on June 3rd, 4th and 5th, in order to push the negotiation for their collective agreement.

In addition, Air France pilots voted in Monday in favor of a strike that could coincide with the beginning of the European Soccer Cup on June 10th.

French President François Hollande insists that the government will not withdraw the project, as Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that gong back would be a "political mistake".

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