Sanders Challenges Trump to a Debate

Sanders Challenges Trump to a Debate
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27 May 2016
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The topic is the buzz of the day in the country, since a party debate between the two, while the primary elections are still ongoing, would be unprecedented, especially when Sanders is far from being the Democratic nominee in the National Convention in July.

Jeff Weaver, Sanders' campaign manager told CNN on Thursday that they were ready for a discussion with Trump. 'We hope that he (Trump) will not shy away. I think it will be very good for America to see these two candidates and the different visions for the future of America.'

Weaver concluded that it remains to be seen whether the Republican has the courage to get on stage with the senator from Vermont.

The idea of a debate between the real estate tycoon and the liberal politician emerged on Wednesday on a program on ABC, during which Trump said he would be willing to exchange views with Sanders.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are yet to make a statement about whether or not such a meeting would be sanctioned.

The candidates are technically prohibited to participate in unauthorized debates, but Sanders' campaign have squared off with the DNC several times, and its president Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and they are apparently not concerned with a blessing from the party.

According to experts, this is a desperate move by Sanders, who needs to win two thirds of the delegates, not yet committed to the elections, between now and June 14th, the last day of the primary elections, to equalize with his democrat opponent, Clinton, something almost impossible due to the weight of the super delegates.

Amid this unusual confrontation, bets are increasing on whether the likely exchange would favor the Democrats or the Republicans, although some sources say it would serve to mark the boundaries between the two extreme positions: Trump, with his conservative message, and Sanders, with his liberal, social democrat message.

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