Rousseff Says She Will Fight 'On all Fronts' to Stay President

Rousseff Says She Will Fight 'On all Fronts' to Stay President
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21 April 2016
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Rousseff said in a press conference Wednesday that the process towards her dismissal is a coup and an indirect election disguised as an impeachment, according to parts of the interview released by the Palacio do Planalto, the Brazilian presidents office.

The president said that whoever attempts and conspires to replace her, referring to vice president Michel Temer, lacks legitimacy because the only way to be legitimate in a democracy is the popular vote.

At the press conference, Rousseff reiterated that "democracy is at stake" in this process and therefore she will fight "on all fronts" and she will go "wherever necessary" in order to "overcome this coup."

Rousseff will travel to New York today with the intention to denounce the 'coup' attempt during her participation at the UN Climate Change signing event on Friday.

Sources close to the president's office told Efe that one of Rousseff's intentions is to take advantage of the UN stage and the presence of dozens of heads of state and government to denounce the 'coup attempt' behind the process that could shorten her term.

The Palacio de Planalto reported that Rousseff plans to return to Brasilia on Friday night after attending the ceremony at the UN.

During the two-day stay in New York her position will be replaced by vice president Temer on an interim basis.

Temer, first in line of succession should Rousseff be dismissed, has been accused by the president of being "one of the leaders of the conspiracy."

Rousseff's fate now lies in the hands of the Senate. They will establish a special commission on Apr.25 to examine the allegations submitted by the Chamber of Deputies, referring to alleged irregular fiscal maneuvers by the president.

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