Britain to Publish Iraq War Report in June or July 2016

Britain to Publish Iraq War Report in June or July 2016
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30 October 2015
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The Chilcot inquiry launched an investigation between 2009 and 2011 to discover the reasons behind the military intervention of the United Kingdom and the United States in Iraq.

The British official announced his team expects to complete the report on April 18, 2016, while the contents would be published in June or July 2016.

In a letter sent to British Prime Minister David Cameron, Chilcot said the report will be available in April 2016 to complete national security checks before its publication.

“I consider that once national security checking has been completed it should be possible to agree a date for publication in June or July 2016,” Chilcot said in the letter.

He explained that the report, which contains more than two million words, may take several weeks to prepare for printing and publication.

The repeated delays in the publication of the report have caused strong criticism from the families of soldiers who died in the war.

According to British media, the report will blame several politicians of former UK prime minister Tony Blair.

The Iraq war is one of the most controversial chapters for the government of Blair, who was in power between 1997 and 2007.

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