Garcia Marquez's Ashes to Rest in Peace in Cartagena, Colombia

Garcia Marquez's Ashes to Rest in Peace in Cartagena, Colombia
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12 August 2015
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His ashes are in Mexico City since his death in April 2014, but will be moved to Cartagena Dec. 12.

The incinerated remains of Colombian 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez will be placed to rest at a central square in Cartagena, Colombia, his family decided, a local Colombian official reported Tuesday.

Garcia Marquez died 87 in April 2014 in Mexico City and since then many cities have sought to have the ashes of the internationally famous Colombian writer.

"It's a true honor and pleasure that the family of one of the most illustrious personalities of our country have decided that Cartagena be the final resting place for his ashes,” the Governor of Bolivar Juan Carlos Gossain told reporters.

“This will help boost the city as a touristic destiny. Surely, many tourists who visit us and come here for the different events the city carries out will want to pay tribute to Gabo (as he was called by friends and relatives),” the governor added.

British sculptor Katie Murray will create a bust in bronze of Garcia Marquez to accompany the urn holding his ashes, Gossain said.

“The decision has been the result of many wills and the wishes of his family. The government of Bolivar agreed with the decision, but the full merits go to his wife Mercedes Barcha and his sons Rodrigo and Gonzalo, who decided and authorized the relocation of the remains,” the governor said. After his death in Mexico City, where Garcia Marquez had lived for many years, his family decided to cremate his remains, which will arrive in Cartagena from Mexico Dec. 12.

The ashes will remain at the Central del Claustro de la Merced plaza, which is located near Garcia Marquez's home, which is being converted into a museum.

In Cartagena, Garcia Marquez held renowned meetings with the Cuban former leader Fidel Castro and the former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Garcia Marquez was born in Aracataca, Colombia, a city that also wanted his remains.

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