Palestinian Baby Killed in Arson Attack by Suspected Israeli Settlers

Palestinian Baby Killed in Arson Attack by Suspected Israeli Settlers
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31 July 2015
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The fire, which ignited a house in Duma, a town near Nablus in the West Bank, gravely harmed the baby's parents and four-year-old brother, all of whom have been admitted to the hospital.

Some of the victims suffer burns on 70 percent of their body and are in extremely critical condition.

Hebrew inscriptions and a Star of David at the crime scene led police to suspect extremist Jewish settlers, who frequently attack Palestinian civilians, and even members from the Israeli army in retaliation to decisions against Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Inscriptions such as "Long live the Messiah, the king" and "Revenge" were written on the walls outside the burned house.

The Israeli Supreme Court ordered on Tuesday the demolition of two unauthorized buildings constructed in Beit El settlement in the West Bank, which many Jewish settlers opposed by barricading themselves in the tagged structures.

Likewise, the 10th anniversary of evacuating Israelis from the former Sanur settlement, also in the West Bank, was marked by protests on Thursday, ending in violent confrontations between settlers and Israeli security forces.

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