ISIS terrorists warn of imminent attack on streets of London

ISIS terrorists warn of imminent attack on streets of London
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13 May 2015
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Using the hashtag #LondonAttacks, ISIS fighters have announced their plans for a bombing campaign in the capital.

The sick boasts include pictures of a cache of machine guns piled into the back of a car with the words: "Bismallah [in the name of God] we are coming".

Another user tweeted "just learnt how to make suicide belt by my brother…will be using in #LondonAttack" alongside a photo of what appears to be a crudely-made package wrapped in duct-tape.

Just learnt how to make suicide belt by my brother…will be using in #LondonAttack

Twitter user

The messages come amid ongoing concerns about the rise of ISIS-affiliated groups operating in the West. 

Just last week, two men launched an attack on an exhibition containing drawings of the Prophet Muhammed in Texas.

A manual circulated online also shares tips for "how to survive in the West", including options would-be terrorists have for smuggling weapons in cars and evading the security services.

The latest warnings of an attack in London saw some Twitter users give details of the specific location of an alleged strike, with one user claiming Floral Street in Covent Garden was the intended target.

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London Attack tweetTWITTER

One user tweeted: 'Bismallah [in the name of God] we are coming'

The Metropolitan Police are investigating the threats but are downplaying the likelihood of anyone carrying out an attack. 

Paddington tube station was also picked out as a possible target, with the comment: “Let the reality hit home, the taste of chaos, carnage & bloodshed. #foreignpolicy #QaribanQariba.”

Another message posted on Twitter said: "Brothers n Sisters if you are in Europe stay away from police stations or government buildings".

A number of accounts linked with the terror posts were later suspended by Twitter.

London Attack tweetTWITTER

Many of those behind the tweets have had their accounts suspended

A spokesperson for the Met said: "We are aware of message circulating on social media and are investigating. 

"There is nothing at this time to suggest it is a credible threat."

It comes as members of the brutal terror regime threatened to launch a cyber-war on senior European and US leaders.

In a video released yesterday, the group claimed to have hacked websites linked to the “American leadership”. 

ISIS hackers screenshotIG

The group calls itself the 'Islamic State’s Defenders in the Internet'

A group calling itself the “Islamic State’s Defenders in the Internet” reportedly released the three-and-a-half-minute video, which warned that “the electronic war has not yet begun”.

“We observe all the movements that you are doing from your devices,” the video said.

“Soon you will see how we control your electronic world.”

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US President Barack Obama signed an executive order last month in a bid to respond to the growing number of cyber attacks on US government agencies. 

The document declares a “national emergency” relating to “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by the increasing prevalence and severity of malicious cyber-enabled activities”.  

It warns that the US authorities will “continue to employ all available means” to combat “malicious cyber actors”.

Recent successful attacks by ISIS-affiliated groups include the hacking of the Twitter account of the US military command.

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