Venezuelan Opposition Still Plotting Coups, Says Maduro

Venezuelan Opposition Still Plotting Coups, Says Maduro
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11 May 2015
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President Nicolas Maduro says the Venezuelan people will continue to “defend the revolution.”

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro warned Saturday that his country's opposition is still trying to ferment a coup against his administration.

“In the 25 months (since I came to power), they haven't stopped the attacks against the Bolivarian revolution,” Maduro told RT.

The Venezuelan right-wing temporarily seized power in a short lived 2002 coup against Maduro's predecessor Hugo Chavez. Since then, the Venezuelan government has said it has thwarted a series of destabilization attempts.

According to Maduro, the right-wing doesn't have a “serious” plan for actually running the country. Instead, he argued right-wing leaders are exclusively focused on removing him from power.

“Chavez trained a people that is very active, very critical and very demanding … and these people continue … to defend its revolution,” he said.

The comments were made during Maduro's visit to Russia to attend V-Day commemorations in Moscow. The Venezuelan leader took the opportunity to warn that like his own country, Russia is also facing the threat of U.S. imperialism.

He stated Washington will do everything it can to “create difficulties for Russia, and impede its natural path.”

Maduro vowed to stand beside Russia, and remain an active voice against aggression on the international stage, and for anti-imperialism. “Sooner or later we are going to do to the U.S. what was done to the British Empire,” he said.

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