DEA Chief Expected to Resign over Prostitution Scandals

DEA Chief Expected to Resign over Prostitution Scandals
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22 April 2015
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Some of the prostitutes were paid by members of Colombian drug cartels, according to a government report.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest did not wish to say whether Leonhart, who became head of the agency in 2007, will definitely present her resignation, and would only express the government’s “serious concern” about the investigation into the irresponsible activities of some DEA agents.

A Justice Department report dated March 26 said the DEA agents took part in a number of orgies with prostitutes hired with drug cartel money.

The 139-page report tells of multiple accusations involving various DEA agents in such activities.

The Justice Department did not specify the country where the orgies were held, though a high government official cited by the media identified it as Colombia.

Last week the Government Oversight Committee of the House of Representatives said it had lost confidence in Leonhart’s ability to run the agency.

According to the investigations, DEA operations were endangered at those parties since most often the agents and sex workers met at places where the men had their laptop computers, mobile phones and other official equipment.

The agents also ran the risk of “extortion, blackmail and coercion,” according to the report.

Such investigations began with the prostitute scandal in Cartagena, Colombia, involving Secret Service agents, just before President Barack Obama’s arrival there to attend the 2012 Summit of the Americas.

After that scandal, authorities began investigating three DEA employees based in Colombia.

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