Suspect Confesses to Role in Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov’s Murder

Suspect Confesses to Role in Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov’s Murder
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9 March 2015
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“Dadayev has admitted his implication in the crime. Dadaev’s guilt is corroborated by his confession,” Judge Natalia Mushnikova told Russian news agencies.

The confession provides support for the decision to keep the suspect under preventive arrest until April 28, the judge said.

Dadayev, who was arrested on Saturday, told investigators he was unemployed and asked the judge to not hold him in prison.

“I have never before faced any criminal charges. I hope my case will be handled with justice,” Dadayev told the court.

Prosecutors filed formal charges against Dadayev and Anzor Gubashev, who denied that he played any role in the opposition leader’s murder.

Dadayev, Gubashev and his brother, Shagid were arrested on Saturday, while Ramzan Bakhayev and Tamerlan Eskerkhanov were detained by police in the past few hours.

Shagid Gubashev, Bakhayev and Eskerkhanov are still in the “status of suspects,” a court spokeswoman told Russian media.

“The suspects deny having been involved in the crime, but the investigation has turned up evidence of their involvement,” a judicial official said.

The suspects will remain in preventive detention until April 28 because they are considered flight risks and the court does not want them to exert pressure on investigators or to threaten witnesses.

The Nemtsov family’s attorney, opposition members, lawmakers and human rights activists have called on officials to find both the triggermen and the individuals who ordered the murder.

Nemtsov supporters accuse the Kremlin of provoking the killing by planting “the seed of hate” against those who criticize the annexation of Crimea and oppose Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

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