Putin and Medvedev to Take 10 Percent Salary Cut

Putin and Medvedev to Take 10 Percent Salary Cut
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6 March 2015
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The decision also includes several administrative employees in the presidency, the government, and the Accounting Authority.

Last week, the President of Russian Duma Serguei Narishkin announced that he submitted a proposal to the heads of different political blocs in the Russian Parliament to discuss the possibility of reducing the salaries for members of parliament as well.

Interfax news agency quoted a Russian parliamentarian as saying that a Duma member receives a salary of 360,000 ruble (around $5,700) per month, which is 12 times the average salary in Russia.

The Russian economy has been suffering since the end of last year as a result of Western sanctions imposed against Moscow in response to the Russian stance regarding the Ukrainian crisis, and also due to the drop in oil prices, a substantial source of revenue in the country’s budget.

Major economic organizations speculate that Russia will suffer from an economic recession in 2015.

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