Venezuelan FM Makes Official Visit to Iran to Boost Relations

Venezuelan FM Makes Official Visit to Iran to Boost Relations
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20 January 2020
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The Venezuelan diplomat conducted this official visit to strengthen bilateral relations between the Bolivarian Republic and Iran. 

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza met on Monday with his counterpart from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Javad Zarif, to discuss a number of topics, including the strengthening of bilateral relations. 

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Heading a high-ranking delegation, Arreaza, arrived in Tehran on Sunday night for a three-day visit. Arreaza's visit to Iran comes just a week after he made his first official visit to China. 

"The Minister of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, arrived in Tehran, capital of Iran, with the aim of strengthening the relations of brotherhood and cooperation between the two peoples," the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said in its statement on Monday.

Arreaza's visit also comes weeks after the U.S. assassinated the Quds Force commander, Qassem Soleimani, near the Baghdad International Airport. Venezuela has condemned this act and offered their condolences to the Islamic Republic. 

Last October, Zarif had met Arreaza in New York City on the sideline of the United Nations General Assembly. The two diplomats shared a warm greeting and discussed ways both of their countries could boost their economic and political ties. 

For 18 years, Venezuela and Iran have been working to strengthen bilateral ties against the blockade and threats imposed by the United States. 

Similar to Venezuela, Iran has been under a long economic blockade that has sought to destabilize the Islamic Republic and remove their government.

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