Evo Morales says he is still president of Bolivia

Evo Morales says he is still president of Bolivia
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20 December 2019
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The indigenous leader of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said today that he is still president of the country because so far the Plurinational Legislative Assembly has not rejected his resignation.

Morales, who is in Argentina as a political asylum seeker, about the arrest warrant issued yesterday against him by the Bolivian Prosecutor's Office, said that in accordance with the Constitution of his country, the president has to make a liability trial and not an ordinary process

The order against me is unconstitutional, illegal and the procedures must be followed, said Evo, who was forced to resign from his position on November 10 under pressure from senior military and police officers.

Although the Bolivian parliament received the mandatory resignation letter from the president, in which he explained that with his decision he sought to avoid violence and a bloodbath in his country, so far the legislators have not spoken.

'My responsibility as indigenous president and of all Bolivians is to prevent the coup leaders from continuing to persecute my union leaders and brothers, mistreating and kidnapping their relatives,' says the text sent to the Senate.

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