IS Executed 1,434 People in Syria Since “Caliphate” Proclaimed

IS Executed 1,434 People in Syria Since “Caliphate” Proclaimed
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18 November 2014
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In a telephone conversation Monday, Abdurrahman indicated that 884 of those killed were civilians, and some 700 of that total were members of the Al-Shaitat tribe who have been fighting against IS in the northeastern province of Deir al-Zor.

He explained that militants killed their victims’ by gunshots or decapitation.

Besides civilians, the NGO director added the radical jihadists killed 483 troops fighting for the embattled Syrian regime and 63 members of a rival rebel group called the Al-Nusra Front, an affiliate of Al Qaeda in Syria, that is vying with IS for control of the north and east.

The IS jihadists have also executed four members of their own organization who were accused of corruption and other offenses.

Abdurrahman said that sometimes the jihadists display the bodies in public squares to “terrorize civilians” and dissuade anyone from opposing them.

The SOHR has documented the executions carried out since Jun. 29, when IS declared its caliphate, until now.

Abdurrahman said the aim of the radicals is to frighten the international community and attract potential jihadists to their cause.

The IS claimed on Sunday to have beheaded the American hostage Peter Kassig in a video posted on the internet.

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