Haitian Parties Propose appointing Appeal Court Judge

Haitian Parties Propose appointing Appeal Court Judge
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5 November 2019
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A score of political parties and social organizations have proposed appointing an Appeal Court judge and a Council of State to oversee the Government's actions in order to solve the serious crisis in Haiti.

Gathered in the Democratic Bloc for National Adjustment, they expressed concern about the political situation in the country, with a 'weak' president and an opposition that has mobilized most of the population, but has so far failed to overthrow the head of State, Jovenel Moïse.

They underlined that the country is in an exceptional situation, characterized by popular protests to demand the president's resignation.

Demonstrators are also demanding the systematic destitution of the legislative chambers, a definite change to a secular system based on corruption, inequality, exclusion, impunity and the impossibility to enforce the letter of the Constitution amended in 1987 if there is a presidential vacuum.

The new Bloc insists on holding talks among political parties, business and religious sectors and social organizations, to set up an Emergency Government with a small ministerial cabinet and without a prime minister.

Among the urgent actions, they propose to hold a trial for misappropriation of public funds, investigate human rights violations, including massacres, review the contracts between the State and various companies, and reduce the cost of living.

The group also demands holding a National Sovereign Conference to define the new Republic, reorient the country's economic and social life, and organize timely general elections.

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