Bolivia's Vice President asks opposition to stop calling violence

Bolivia's Vice President asks opposition to stop calling violence
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1 November 2019
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La Paz, Nov 1 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia's Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera considered fundamental that the losing forces in the October 20 elections stop calling to violence.

'The important thing is that the losing forces, the losing opposition candidate, stop calling people to violence, stop calling their supporters to go out and harm the lives of the settler, merchant, transport worke', the vice president said in interview granted to CNN television channel.

He recalled that in the history of the country, people could protest, make challenges, but 'they never had a planning in advance of such a systematic campaign of ignorance of popular vote until reaching fires, burning institutions, houses, and intimidation'.

He regretted in Perspectivas program, live from Buenos Aires, Argentina, that the escalation of violence caused by losing opposition candidate Carlos Mesa and some civic committees will result in the death of two people in Montero municipality, belonging to Santa Cruz department.

Garcia Linera condemned that the mobilized opposition fronts refuse to accept an international election audit, started on Thursday by the Organization of American States (OAS), and on the contrary send messages that incite violence among Bolivians.

President Evo Morales called on Thursday all sectors and the population to make a break in the mobilizations until the OAS electoral audit concludes, and he reflected, the pacification also starts from the losing opposition candidate, who must stop calling people to violence and fear in the streets.

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