North Korea blasts ‘SICKENING NEGOTIATIONS’ with US, denounces their ‘hostile policy’ after nuclear talks flop

North Korea blasts ‘SICKENING NEGOTIATIONS’ with US, denounces their ‘hostile policy’ after nuclear talks flop
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7 October 2019
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Pyongyang has shed the light on recent collapse of the working-level talks with the US, accusing Washington of sticking to “hostile policy” against North Korea, inability to hold meaningful dialogue and producing false statements.

A scorching statement on the talks and their failure was released by the North Korea’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday. The negotiations took place in Stockholm on Saturday, resulting in a failure as the North Korean delegation broke off, saying the talks “have not fulfilled” their expectations.

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The statement came in response to Washington’s attempts to downplay the extent of the flop.The US State Department insisted that Pyongyang agreed to hold new talks in two weeks, while the remarks of the Korean chief nuclear negotiator, Kim Myong Gil, did not reflect “the content or spirit” of the meeting.

The ministry argue that wasn’t the case, expressing doubts that the US is able to come up with any meaningful suggestions in just two weeks.

The US is spreading a completely ungrounded story that both sides are open to meet after two weeks but as it has conceived nothing even after the passage of 99 days since the Panmunjom summit, it is not likely at all that it can produce a proposal commensurate to the expectations of the DPRK and to the concerns of the world in just fortnight.

Pyongyang went further and accused the US of using the Stockholm talks as a vanity event “to meet its political goal of abusing the DPRK-US dialogue for its domestic political events.” No actual preparations for the talks had been made by the US, the ministry claimed, as Washington simply repeated the same old points it produced before.

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Such an approach makes North Korean leadership “sceptical” about the existence of “political will” in Washington to actually fix the bilateral relations, the ministry said, warning that the country does not seek to further engage into that pointless talks unless the US changes its attitude and stops its “hostile policy.”

“We have no intention to hold such sickening negotiations as what happened this time before the US takes a substantial step to make complete and irreversible withdrawal of the hostile policy toward the DPRK,” the statement reads.

As we have clearly identified the way for solving problem, the fate of the future DPRK-US dialogue depends on the U.S. attitude, and the end of this year is its deadline.

While the relations between North Korea and the US have been quite hostile for decades, they got particularly heated during Donald Trump’s Presidency. The US leader and his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-un engaged in a bitter war of words, featuring military threats and personal insults, yet ultimately managed to stick to diplomacy and entered direct talks. Their first summit in Singapore, held in June 2018, was touted as a major breakthrough towards a peace settlement in the Korean Peninsula.

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Still, the prospects of the negotiation process became uncertain this February after the Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam flopped. The new failure of a major diplomatic event in Stockholm makes the future of the talks even more unclear, while a re-ignition of the Korean Peninsula standoff grows increasingly possible.

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