Venezuelan Analyst Warns of Opposition Attacks

Venezuelan Analyst Warns of Opposition Attacks
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12 September 2019
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Caracas, Sep 12 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan analyst Juan Martorano warned that the opposition right-wing and the United States will continue their destabilizing actions in the country and urged the people to remain united in the face of these threats.

In an interview reproduced by LaiguanaTV, the lawyer and human rights activist also said that a 'black September is predicted, because the enemies of the Bolivarian government will multiply their efforts to submerge the country in an authentic bath of violence and blood.'

He warned the actions will go from the dissemination of fake news to sabotage of public services and increased pressure from international organizations.

Martorano called Venezuelans to be conscious and mobilized in the face of these attacks that seek to impose chaos on the nation and attempt to oust President Nicolás Maduro.

He also affirmed that the United States will take advantage of the next United Nations General Assembly to promote an political escalation against Venezuela and other countries, among them Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

However, the analyst believes that the US strategy to dominate Latin America is doomed to fail and that the political situation in the region is beginning to reverse with an eventual return to power of progressive forces in several nations.

In recent weeks, Washington-led aggression against Venezuela have intensified, with the support of Colombia.

Faced with this situation, the Venezuelan Government took contingency measures to defend its sovereignty against a possible military attack on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, including the deployment of more than three thousand troops in that area and the beginning of the Sovereignty and Peace military drill.

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