Bolivia Defends National Dignity, Economic Sovereignty

Bolivia Defends National Dignity, Economic Sovereignty
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5 August 2019
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The Government of Bolivia has defended national dignity and sovereignty in all aspects of life, including economic life, with a view to becoming a regional and world power.

In this sense, the Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramon Quintana, told the press about the work of President Evo Morales and his ability to transform Bolivia into an economic power.

Official data reveals that the economy of this South American nation has grown on average 4.9 percent from 2006 to 2017, a period in which more than three million people were lifted out of poverty.

In 2018, this country had the highest growth in the region for the fifth consecutive year, with its economy expanding by 4.2 percent and inflation by 1.5 percent.

Quintana said opposition political organizations lack the capacity to turn Bolivia into an economic power, as President Evo Morales points out.

Bolivia's option with a view to the general elections in October is to become an economic power or move backwards like a crab, the Minister said.

In his opinion, with Evo Morales as president until 2025, the Plurinational State is set to become the biggest power in Latin America.

Explaining that the concept of power is related to the size of the country, the population and the extent of its economy, he added that a new Morales term will improve access to health, drinking water, gas and energy coverage, among other benefits.

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