Rousseff Leads the Polls for the First Since October 5

Rousseff Leads the Polls for the First Since October 5
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14 October 2014
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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is ahead of an election poll for the first time since October 5, according to a survey by Vox Populi published by Reuters, which shows her with 45 percent versus 44 percent by her second round rival, right-wing neoliberal candidate Aecio Neves.

The Vox Populi survey has a 2.2 percent margin of error, which means that the election could go either way. If the survey were to exclude those who are undecided or those who refuse to respond, Rousseff would garner 51 percent of the vote, while Neves would remain with 49 percent.

In the election polls after the first round of voting, which Rousseff won with 42 percent of the vote, versus 33 percent by Neves, the right-wing candidate was ahead by 51 to 49 percent. Vox Populi is one of Brazil's smallest polling firms, but its results have been consistent with those of bigger firms such as Datafloha and Ibope.

The survey is especially important to Rousseff's campaign, because it comes one day after Marina Silva, who was expected to be the president's rival in the runoff, finally gave her support to Neves in a bid to end the 12 years that the Workers' Pary has governed the country.

Neves has based his campaign on promising Brazilians that his policies will slow inflation, which this year stands at around 6.74 percent, and stimulate growth.

Rousseff has responded saying that Neves economic plans would threaten social achievements obtained by her government, increasing unemployment and poverty rates.

A poll published October 9 by Datafolha showed Neves ahead of the incumbent by two percentage points.

Based on the latest Ibope poll, Rousseff has gained momentum heading into the October 26 runoff elections, since it showed Neves two percentage points ahead of Rousseff with 46 percent approval of those surveyed.

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