Gaza: Scores of Palestinians Injured During Protest Against Israeli Naval Blockade

Gaza: Scores of Palestinians Injured During Protest Against Israeli Naval Blockade
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2 October 2018
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The surge of protests in Gaza began in March with a series of protests along the border, which is known as the “March of Return.”

Over a hundred Palestinians were injured near Gaza's northern border Monday during a protest against Israel's 12-year naval blockade. 93 protestors suffered injuries and 37 people were shot with live ammunition by Israeli occupational forces. the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed Tuesday.

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Israeli forces also opened fire on medical crews and ambulances that attempted to reach the area to provide medical aid to the injured.

Ma’an News Agency reports the tensions escalated during the march when protesters began to set tires on fire to obstruct Israeli snipers deployed at the northern Gaza border. Israeli forces then started to open fire with rubber-coated steel bullets on the crowd.

The northern border of Gaza has seen various attempts over the course of the last few months to draw attention to, and break the siege of, the Gaza strip, sometimes via ships attempting to sail into Gaza or from the Strip itself. Israel imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2006 after Hamas gained a majority in the Palestinian parliamentary election.

Since March, over 170 people have been killed and thousands injured by Israeli occupation forces during a series of protest in the region, which has sought to highlight the naval blockades destruction of the territories' economies and other acts by the Israeli government that have denied the population basic commodities.

There were other protests Monday including in Khan al-Ahmar where thousands of Palestinians converged to thwart Israel’s demolition of the Bedouin village of the Jahalin tribe in the occupied West Bank. Israel temporally postponed plans to begin demolition due to the holiday of Simchat Torah Tuesday.

Gaza saw another protest Monday by UNRWA employees in front of a hotel where agency officials were conducting a meeting. This prompted the agency, which aids almost three million Palestinian refugees to take most of their foreign staff out of Gaza over “security concerns.” Only six out of 19 foreign officials have remained in Gaza.

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