Spanish Court Suspends Catalonia Referendum

Spanish Court Suspends Catalonia Referendum
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29 September 2014
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Spain's Constitutional Court on Monday suspended an independence referendum scheduled for November for the country's Catalonia autonomous community until the court makes a formal decision regarding the constitutionality of the vote.

“Nobody and nothing will be allowed to break up Spain,"said Rajoy

Catalans make up 16 percent of Spain's population and is one of the country's wealthiest regions. Catalan parliament voted 106 to 28 to approve the referendum on September 19.

"They (the Spanish government) think they're killing it, but I'm convinced that what this does is reinforce the movement in Catalonia. We won't just stand there with our arms crossed as if the game is over," said Francesc Homs, a spokesman for the Catalan government.

Polls show a majority of Catalans support having a referendum. The move for independence is seen largely as a result of the recent Scottish vote, even though it didn't pass.

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