Correa's Supporters Create Alliance Against Opposition in Ecuador

Correa's Supporters Create Alliance Against Opposition in Ecuador
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19 September 2014
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Fifteen left-wing Ecuadorian organizations on Thursday created a new alliance called Unidos (Unidos) against the opponents of President Rafael Correa, after Wednesday's demonstrations organized by the Ecuador's conservative organizations.

“We have formed the United front so this revolution can continue, and to fight against this conservative restoration that has united and is financed with foreign money.” said President Correa in a press conference.

The alliance is led by Alianza País, a political coalition created in 2007 by left-wing and center parties, and that was the platform for President Correa to win the elections.

On Wednesday, thousands of people marched against Correa in Ecuador. The march in Ecuador's capital city, Quito, left 16 policeman injured and 50 people arrested.

Significantly more supporters of the President also gathered in the streets to back the President.

President Correa stated that the demonstrations were opposition attempts to undermine his government.

“The conservative restoration (seeks) … to break the progress not only in Ecuador, but in Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina.” stated the President.

According to different polls, Correa is one of the most popular presidents in Latin America. His approval ratings in Ecuador is around 82 percent. Correa is currently using his popularity to back a bill in Ecuador's Congress to allow the indefinite reelection of the President.

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