Maduro Denounces Distortion of Hugo Chavez's Image

Maduro Denounces Distortion of Hugo Chavez's Image
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6 February 2017
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President Nicolas Maduro has denounced the distortion and manipulation that opposition sectors are trying to make of the history of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez.

When speaking to his compatriots on Saturday, during the main event on the 25th anniversary of the civic-military rebellion that took place on February 4, 1992, under the leadership of Chavez in Maracay, the president called to show the true image of the Bolivarian leader on television and movie theaters.

We have to bring Chavez to television and the national and world cinema, he said. Maduro instructed Ernesto Villegas and Adan Chavez, ministers for Communication and Information and Culture, respectively, to comply with this task.

The campaign by the political and economic ruling class of the national and world right wing, which makes efforts to manipulate the history of Commander Chavez as a world leader who managed to awaken popular struggles, has became more intense in recent weeks, he said.

Maduro pointed out that 'the enemy is terrified by the example that Commander Hugo Chavez means, meant and will mean for the history to come in Latin America' and for that reason, they endeavor to distort the recently lived history, with TV series and films, he added.

During his speech, the president stressed the meaning of the civic-military deed against the government of Carlos Andres Perez and his neoliberal policies, and emphasized that with that action, the patriotic and independence ideal of Simon Bolivar was reborn.

He pointed out that Commander Chavez roused the people on February 4, and recalled that his appearance on television, where he acknowledged his participation in the military rebellion marked a milestone in the country's history.

About 2,362 gunmen from the military garrisons of Aragua, Carabobo, Miranda, Zulia and the Capital District, led by young officers Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, Francisco Arias Cardenas, Yoel Acosta Chirinos, Jesus Urdaneta and Miguel Ortiz Contreras, participated in the February 4, 1992, historic action.

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