Evo Morales: New Cabinet Will Be Committed to the People

Evo Morales: New Cabinet Will Be Committed to the People
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19 January 2017
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La Paz, Jan 19 (Prensa Latina) The new cabinet that will be in charge of the country's management in the period 2017-2018 will be mainly committed to the Bolivian people, Bolivian President Evo Morales said today.

Addressing the press, after a meeting with representatives, deputies and senators, the president stressed that some ministers of the previous administration will no longer be a part of the cabinet, but others will be ratified with the aim of strengthening the country's policy.

On the other hand, the parliament will have to choose the new justice authorities, which will count with men and women with a lot of commitment to the State and with experience to improve this sector, Morales added.

Questioned on the case of the ex-minister of Environment and Water, Alexandra Moreira, the president of the Andean-Amazon nation said that social networks have echoed negative comments on this situation.

Moreira had to appear before the Pluri-national Legislative Assembly to report on the crisis of the water supply; however, she submitted her resignation with a document in which he responded to at least 10 requests for a written report containing data on the rationing of the liquid of La Paz since November, because of a severe drought.

The ex-minister stressed the improvement in the last weeks of the supply service in the 94 districts of the city, affected by the rationing initiated on November 8, due to the drying of Hampaturi and Incachaca dams.

She also considered that the Government acted in a timely manner to face this emergency, implementing a distribution of drinking water through tanker trucks and fixed tanks.

Starting this day, the preparatory work begins to appoint the new board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of Bolivia.

Former statements of the president of the Legislative Assembly, Álvaro García Linera, report that the activities of the new period include laws on the energy system, export of electricity.

In addition, the plan includes the construction of dams, treatment of atomic energy and the Lithium, plant. In that region, about 80 thousand people are without electricity for more than 48 hours, a situation they are trying to solve as soon as possible.

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