Donald Trump is Informed about Ending of Immigration Privileges for Cubans

Donald Trump is Informed about Ending of Immigration Privileges for Cubans
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13 January 2017
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Washington, Jan 13 (Prensa Latina) White House officials confirmed that President-elect Donald Trump's Transition Team is updated on the US government's decision to eliminate migrant privileges for Cubans.

The day before, the administration led by Barack Obama, ended the wet-dry foot policy that allowed any Cuban who came to the United States to become a legal resident, according to the Cuban Adjustment Act, a decision that already communicated to the team that will assume the presidency next January 20th.

According to The Miami Herald, in February 2016, the New York billionaire, then the Republican presidential candidate was questioned by the Tampa Bay Times about whether it was fair for Cubans who arrived in the United States to get automatically legal status, a road to citizenship and federal welfare benefits.

At that time, Trump responded that he did not think that was fair, 'I do not think it's fair, you know we have a system to bring people to the country, and what we should do is bring people who are great people and have an extraordinary record of achievements'.

'You have people who have been in the system for years (waiting to immigrate to the United States), and it's very unfair when people just crossed the border, and you have other people who do it legally '.

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