Syrian President: Ready to Negotiate End of Conflict

Syrian President: Ready to Negotiate End of Conflict
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9 January 2017
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Paris, Jan 9 (Prensa Latina) Syrian President Bashar al-Assad today expressed his willingness to negotiate to end the conflict in his country, but it must be with the real opposition, he told to the French media in statements released today.

'We are ready to negotiate everything: the end of the conflict, the future of Syria ... Everything is open,' he said in the interview with France Info, RTL and LCP.

However, the president warned that the success of the negotiations, scheduled for the end of the month in Kazakhstan, depends on who will represent the other party.

Regarding the current situation in the Middle East nation and the declared truce, he said that it must be fully respected so that the peace talks can move forward.

The president said in this regard that a ceasefire is viable when all parties stop the fighting, but this is not the case in many Syrian regions, where groups such as Al-Nusra or the Islamic State continue hostilities.

The French media that carried out the interview published yesterday a fragment in which the president said that 'we are on the road to victory,' and that it will be achieved when the territory is free of terrorists, he added.

Yesterday, the Syrian president received three French deputies who visited the Middle East nation: Thierry Mariani, Jean Lassalle and Nicolas Dhuicq.

During the meeting, participants discussed the harm done to the Syrian people by armed organizations, often supported by states in the region and Western countries.

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