Cuba to Host 11th Latin American Skydiving Championship

Cuba to Host 11th Latin American Skydiving Championship
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16 July 2014
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The 11th Latin American Skydiving League and the 1st Skydiving Friendship Cup will take place in Varadero resort from July 14 to 20 with representatives from 10 nations, organizers said.

The International Centre will be the headquarters of the event while athletes will be accommodated at the Villa Tortuga Hotel, both facilities located in this tourist resort, 140 kilometers east of Havana.

Rolando Alfonso, president of this sport in the western province of Matanzas, told Prensa Latina that athletes from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela, Russia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Qatar and the hosting country confirmed their participation.

Alfonso said the event will include the qualifying rounds, semifinals and finals, and they will compete in the categories of individual and team Accuracy Landing.

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