Haiti among 17 Countries that Has Entered All Pan Games

Haiti among 17 Countries that Has Entered All Pan Games
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19 July 2019
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Haiti is one of the 17 countries that has entered athletes in all the Pan American Games since its first edition in 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Of those 17 nations, only Haiti and Nicaragua have not won a gold medal. So far, Haitians have won seven medals, two silver and five bronze, and stand 31 in the continental ranking by nations, preceded by Virgin Islands and Barbados with 15 and 10 medals, respectively, and followed by Dominica with three.

For the games of Lima 2019, which will begin on July 26, Haiti entered eight athletes to compete in track and field, judo, taekwondo, rowing, weight-lifting and swimming. Its sports authorities expect to surpass the performance of Toronto 2015 and win the first gold medal.

The top medal winner is the USA with 4,300 medals, 1,948 of them gold, followed by Cuba with 875 golden trophies and a total of 2,026 medals.

Almost 7,000 athletes will compete in 39 sports, some of which will qualify athletes for the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

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