Cienfuegos Dolphinarium, Excellence Certificate by TripAdvisor

Cienfuegos Dolphinarium, Excellence Certificate by TripAdvisor
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8 August 2014
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Tripadvisor website - which is one of the leading online travel guides in the world, granted the 2014 Excellence Certificate to Cienfuegos Dolphinarium, belonging to Palmares Extra-hotel Group, Juventud Rebelde (JR) newspaper reported.

This award is based on the quality of constant comments made ​​in a year in this international page, Marc Charron, president of TripAdvisor for Business, referred in a letter.

Nearly a hundred reviews on this website highlight the good and friendly service of this tourist facility, as well as the pleasant dolphin show.

Maria Luisa Hernandez, director of the center, told JR they are the only establishment of its kind in Palmares that has reached such important certificate.

The prestige of the Dolphinarium and good time that visitors spend there has also enabled the possibility of planning to receive foreigners coming to the city on cruisers, she noted.

In addition to the show with the called "bottle nose" dolphins, the center also offers gastronomic and photography services, as well as swimming with the marine mammals.

Hernández said they undertake several investments to improve hydrosanitary networks, platforms and different areas of the dolphins.

Recognized by the International Marine Animal Trainer's Association (IMATA), the facility has all its areas protected and holds since 2005 the condition of Responsible Administration in Environmental Management.

It also maintains exchanges with members of nearby communities, especially children, to promote the care of flora and fauna.

Opened on December 27, 2001, with the aim of increasing tourist recreational options of the territory, Cienfuegos Dolphinarium is one of the five empowered facilities for caring and exhibition of marine animals located in the provinces of Havana, Matanzas (two), Holguin and Santiago de Cuba.

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