USA Seeks New Meassures to Amend Blockade against Cuba

USA Seeks New Meassures to Amend Blockade against Cuba
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19 February 2016
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The Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting Benjamin Rhodes, stated here today that the White House is seeking new measures to ease the blockade imposed on Cuba.

We continue analyzing the regulations to do everything we can within the framework of our laws, he said speaking at the Cuba Consortium's first conference, a bipartisan organization created last year to promote the normalization of relations Washington-Havana.

Rhodes admitted in the forum, held at the headquarters of the US Institute of Peace, the ineffectiveness of the policy established for decades against the island, with the blockade as spearhead and its negative impact on the Cuban population.

The official reiterated the position of the current administration to defend the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade in force for more than half a century, but this requires congressional action, as it has been a law for 20 years now.

President Obama's modifications are intended to open up spaces in the context of the blockade. Such a decision has been recognized by Cuba, who insists that the president's executive possibilities can go beyond those taken so far.

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