International Demonstration for Bilateral Truce in Colombia Summoned

International Demonstration for Bilateral Truce in Colombia Summoned
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25 June 2015
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Colombian politicians and defenders of human rights summoned to an international mobilization for next July 20 to demnand the ceasefire by all parties involved in a conflicto lasting over 50 years.

Through Twitter, Senator Ivan Cepeda and several activists called on citizens worldwide to join the initiative anywhere in the planet to demand a bilateral truce and the end of the armed conflict.

Victims of the confrontation, leaders of social, peasant organizations, parliament members, to advocate for silencing all firearms in order to minimize the victims among the civil population and generate confidence in the peace talks between the government and the insurgent FARC-EP forces.

Such a measure has been discarded by the Executive, who opts to talk with the insurgency amid conflagration, stand not understood by a part of the Colombian society.

The conflict increased in intensity since the middle of May after resuming bombardments by the regular forces against camps of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP) and the suspension of the pause in combats decreed previously by the guerrilla movement.

While both delegations try to find a concerted way out of the war during the talks being held in Havana, inside the Andean country grows the violence and human displacement,

Simultaneously to the calls through social networks, in Bogota they organize a forum for peace, rallies and marches from Jujly 19 forward, in an effort to support the cycles of talks between the belligerant parts and claim for a total ceasefire.

The conflict has cost the lives of some 230 thousand persons along over half a century..

To establish a concertation table with the National Liberation Army, another of the active guerrilla groups in the nation, that is one of the steps pending to introduce in favor of distensión.

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