U.S.-Racism: The New Herald’s Merbromin

U.S.-Racism: The New Herald’s Merbromin
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22 June 2015
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The slaughter in Charleston, South Carolina, shows once again the playfulness of its journalism. That Miami newspaper published last Sunday an editorial article that corroborates this clearly.  

Under the title “One Again, another Crime", affirms, that the homicidal madness put the nation to mourn once more.

It reminds us that a 21-year-old white youngster, Dylann Roof, killed nine people at a church of Charleston, South Carolina.

We already know the motive of the killing, racism.

It highlights that Roof admitted to the police his intention of setting off "a racial war" in the country.

The dead were African-Americans, said the article of the Floridian newspaper.

The article echoed an editorial made by the Charlotte Observer from North Carolina.

“We mourn for their spouses, their children and relatives", asserted.

Among the deceased it named Malcolm Graham, a former senator of the state whose sister died at the church.

“We mourn like in Sandy Hook, in Aurora, in so many other crimes that unite us in pain", added.

The Charlotte Observer mentioned the 20 children and six adults who almost three years ago were killed in that North American primary school.

Then added: "And now we wonder”.

"Who was Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old youngster who for a full hour sat among the people who prayed before he killed them?

"Why did he choose them in that place? And of course: “Where did he get the gun from?".

Right after that it dropped one of the thorny topics that society drags around:

"We write about how easy it is for anyone to get one."

Even, added the newspaper those with mental problems, and it really hurts the reticence of local politicians and those in Washington to a broader control of their personal records.

The editorial also affirms, naively we believed that laws on civil rights and the election twice of President Obama pointed at the arrival of a post-racial era in the United States.

Also that the inherited discrimination after the long pro-slavery period had been left behind therefore it only nested in a few minds.

"But that’s not the case", as it demonstrates it the recent killing in Charleston, where it was warned that the grotesque face of racism appears at any moment.

Due to that, the Herald continues, we should be vigilant to avoid new attacks for skin color.

It can’t be denied that part of the article written by that far-right spokesman is positive, yet when, as usual, it falls short from reality.

Why doesn't it dig deeper on the old topic of the millionaire sales of weapons in retail stores across the United States?

Everyone knows, like William Clinton denounced by the end of the XX century that the powerful Association of Rifle has a huge influence in the Capitol of Washington.

It also contributes with mountains of dollars to guarantee the election of candidates that later help it from the base until the federal organization.

Would the New Herald dare to jump from its usual topics and go and face the real thing?

It would prove it courageous disposition to challenge the habit of showing everything less the essence of the system that prevails in the United States.

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