USA-Blockade Cuba: Fifty-eight Years Later

USA-Blockade Cuba: Fifty-eight Years Later
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10 February 2020
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On February 3rd, 1962 and under the umbrella of the Foreign Aid Act of 1961, John F. Kennedy decrees the Presidential Proclamation 3447 that imposed a commercial blockade on Cuba.

Four days later it came into force.

Subsequently its reach went even further, as we as in the financial ground.

However, since 1959 Washington already imposed obstacles to transactions between the two nations.

An example, when Havana needed to renew its old aviation fleet destined for agriculture.

He then withdrew inspectors who guaranteed the quality of fruits and vegetables destined for their territory.

What was the motive for this punishment? That Cuba since 1959 had left behind its status as a North American neo-colony.

But also, for the first time in its history, it began to govern in favor of the vast majority.

Washington did not resign and deployed their Torricelli and Helms-Burton laws, which unmasked the extraterritorial nature of its policy.

But not just that, its list also shows the attempt to sabotage medical assistance in Cuba.

With just remembering that out of the 6000 professionals living in Cuba at the triumph of the Revolution triumphed, Washington's machinations managed to reduce them by half.

But this is only an example.

The North American decision was to hit Cuba on all fronts, prioritizing brain drains, including celebrities.

And although famous artists and intellectuals have remained faithful to their culture, others, including some of less lineage, gave in to the pressures and offering of gifts.

As the colonialist style that centuries ago bought souls using shining and useless pieces of glass.

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