The Day Trump Became Rocky Balboa

The Day Trump Became Rocky Balboa
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29 November 2019
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President Donald Trump once again proved that he is "a truly stable genius" after posting a photo montage on his Twitter account with his face superimposed on the body of actor Sylvester Stallone in his role as boxer Rocky Balboa.

Without any message accompanying the image, the photo went viral with jokes as well as speculation about his political meaning.

The New York Post confirmed that the tweet was published while Trump plays golf at his Florida club in Mar-A-Lago, and said that Stallone is a declared fan of the president, whose candidacy he joined in 2016 through an interview in Variety.

Among the many interpretations of the bizarre message is the fact that on the same day the image was uploaded, 35 years had passed since the premiere of the movie Rocky IV.

The image was read by some as a reference to the multiple political battles that wages the New York tycoon in the face of his re-election, from the political trial against him which is getting ready in the House of Representatives and was also associated with the announcement that he will declare as terrorist organizations to drug cartels in Mexico.

The British newspaper Daily Mail, related the photo with the president’s state of health taking into account that the president had recently paid an unannounced visit to Walter Reed Medical Center, which unleashed versions that Trump would suffer heart problems.

During the exam, the president himself boasted that doctors praised his physique during his exam. “The first thing they do is say:‘ Take off your shirt, sir, and show us that beautiful chest. We want to see. We have never seen a chest like this,”he said during a campaign meeting in Florida.

According to observers, the background of the boxer Trump image coincides with that of the public that gave him a warm welcome at the BB&T Center of Sunrise, nearly 50 kilometers north of Miami, where the president, in addition to promising that he would be in power four more years, he badmouth the Democrats, called the press corrupt and repeated his usual slanders against Cuba, and Venezuela.

The person-on-the-street interview carried out by a television station in Miami discussed the president's tweet as something incredible, ridiculous, and very typical of someone like Trump.

There were even those who related the meaning of the picture with the mental state of the current resident of the White House. Another feature of his megalomaniac schizophrenia?

What can be expected from a president of the United States who confuses reality with the most banal fiction of mass culture?

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