Florida: "For the Nibbling Critic of Rodents"

Florida: "For the Nibbling Critic of Rodents"
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2 August 2019
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Terrible news travels his territory, he has to return millions of dollars to his tax-payers.

Two journalists of the New Herald, Daniel Chang and Elizabeth Koh revealed this Monday that the Jackson Health from Miami-Dade county received and spent those funds illegally.

It was discovered by an audit carried out by the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States.

Thus was reported by a media, "Political", and several other publications repeated.

The aforementioned audit found that since 2010 up to 2014, Medicaid of Florida supposedly paid Jackson Health those unauthorized millions to people of low incomes and without health insurance.

Authorities discovered that in that territory those funds were not controlled, opening the gates to all sort of corrupt tricks.

It was in fact in this scenario that the Florida Health System claimed the costs of the care to undocumented migrants and prisoners who received ambulatory care.

To make matters worse, they also discovered the concealment in Florida of 64 million dollars in terms of over payments.

Mary Mayhew, Secretary for the Agency for Health Care Administration in Florida, as well as of the funds distribution, refuted the discoveries of the audit.

"The result is mistaken and deceiving", she expressed in a written declaration.

The Florida President of the House of Representatives, José Oliva, republican of Miami Lakes, underestimated the already mentioned report describing it like this:

“These are disagreements among suppliers and bureaucrats from Washington that happen almost every day, especially in the field of medical care."

He added that the audit demonstrates that "the health care in this country are too bureaucratic, too complicated and too expensive."

Many there endorse it, even when their points of view only receive as an echo the nibbling critic of rodents.

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