Havana’s 500th Anniversary: Rutas y Andares in the Greatest Birthday

Havana’s 500th Anniversary: Rutas y Andares in the Greatest Birthday
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8 July 2019
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This is how we’re living it in the capital, a huge birthday that began since the first day of 2019 to celebrate the 500 years of our wonder city.

And, of course, the “Rutas y Andares” (Routes and Wanderings) program of the City Historian’s Office also brings special proposals.

The hidden treasure? Well, actually it is neither so hidden nor so secret: the families that make ten routes and wanderings, workshops or combinations of all modalities, will receive guided tours of the National Capitol Building, shows at Marti Theater and the accreditation as “Rutas y Andares” Family, with free access during a year to museums, concerts and other cultural events.

And it won’t be difficult to love the project, which keeps a growing range of proposals to tour Old Havana throughout the summer, actually the families begin to win since they decide to enjoy and learn: the perfect combination.

On Wednesday, June 3, at 10:00 am, visitors will gather at El Templete to begin the first “Wandering” through Havana’s Musical Heritage. The Director of Cultural Management of the City Historian’s Office, Katia Cárdenas, also announced that history museums would bring visitors closer to the monuments and spaces that marked the foundational ceremonies of the old village of San Cristobal de La Habana, to unravel rituals and symbols that accompany this city for 500 years.

How was art made and lived in Colonial Havana? The cultural practices of this city that we figure out with umbrellas and that we can’t wrap our heads around them with so much dress clothing and coats on in this current hot weather will be unveiled by art museums, which will also guide us through the cultural life of Havana’s republican society.

The Hispanic American Culture Center will open a space for the visitors to meet Havana’s most interesting writers and poets, maybe the first ones enchanted by this creative little witch known as Havana. On the other hand, the ethnographic museums propose “Route” Migrations, religiosity and traces that allows them go to the roots, which we live on.

The institutions that preserve the pharmaceutical heritage will recall for the walkers the work of the old drugstores of the city, with the exhibition of the old instruments used in them.

A special route will reach the main fortresses of the city. There will also be tours and visits to public buildings and places where visitors can appreciate Havana’s architectural evolution and, of course, recently restored works in the historic core.

According to the director of Cultural Management, there are 8 walks, 4 wanderings, 136 virtual wanderings and 169 summer workshops. Meanwhile, Adriana Díaz, specialist from the Cultural Management Center, especially invited walkers to the children’s route “By the hands of heritage children guides, which will visit the Palacio del Segundo Cabo and the now renovated National Capitol Building, as well as what they’ve called children guides of the natural heritage that will tour the Quinta de los Molinos.

Teenagers will have special proposals this summer in the Routes and Wanderings: photography safaris, creative workshops and “Wandering” We’re more with you. Youngsters will pedal through Havana with bike tours of such Citykleta and Ha’Bici projects.

And as Havana is for everyone, these Rutas y Andares leave nobody out of their proposals, so they foresee intergenerational programs for elderlies in which they will be able to share with their grandchildren, as well as the traditional virtual wanderings. In addition, hearing impaired people will enjoy the Rutas y Andares program thanks to the “Culture between the hands” project that will offer the service of their sign language interpreters.

The Havana Puppetry Festival (Festival Habana Titiritera) returns this summer as part of the Rutas y Andares, which according to Adriana Díaz will be especially dedicated to the influence of foreign cultures in Havana’s map, with an emphasis on the traditions and customs that have remained in the city forever.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translated Staff

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