Mercenaries on the Web and Internet as a Weapon of War against Cuba

Mercenaries on the Web and Internet as a Weapon of War against Cuba
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20 June 2019
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In line with its editorial policy, the Cuban mafia official newspaper, El Nuevo Herald, has once again spread fake news on Cuba.

It happened this Sunday when the newspaper published a report by the “independent” website 14 y medio about a second twitter clash, allegedly involving only Cuban users who called on ETECSA to lower Internet prices.

With the manipulation of the Twitter clash results, a fabrication refuted by statistics — it proves the skill of the aforementioned newspaper to distort actual facts — El Nuevo Herald tried, from the headline itself, to presenting the clash as an initiative taken by “students, computer engineers, clients from NAUTA Hogar service.” However, everyone knows that these “operations” are part of the US government policy of using Internet as a weapon of war against Cuba.

As it happened the first time, this Twitter outburst to claim the dropping of prices in ETECSA was summoned by mercenaries with the style of Yoani Sanchez, by chance “editor-in-chief” of an independent newspaper that serves as source of information to El Nuevo Herald. From the Plan Bush’ era until now, this newspaper has been given millions USD to allegedly turn it into an opinion leader to the Herald’s service in social networks.

As we are aware, it is nothing new in Cuba nor the world that the US government maneuvers to fabricate false protests on the web.

The same practice was used against Iran during the 2009 elections. In the course of the so-called Green Wave — where Twitter played such a paramount role to the extent that the then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered to postpone a scheduled maintenance to Twitter servers for Iran —, most of those activists who denounced fraud in the elections, riots, and suppression in this Middle East nation, were not there as we had been led to believe, but in US soil.

The “experiment” carried out by the US State Department during the riots in Iran — also known as the Facebook and Twitter Revolution—resulted in 20 casualties.

In the case of Cuba, we recently denounced an attempt to manipulate, with a similar purpose, the Constitutional Referendum. Twitter was once again the mean through which the hashtag #YoVotoNo could give rise to the popular rejection and hence, offer the world a misrepresentation of anti-governmental opposition.

The OCB (Office of Cuba Broadcasting) — Radio and TV Marti are part of it — is among the main actors involved. This office has just released a public document where it is proven the creation of digital teams in the island whose goal is to creating “fake Facebook accounts to spread information as webpages opened in Cuba increase the chances to wind up in the profile’s stories of Cuban users of Facebook,” in light of the increased access to Internet.

Then, as now in the case of the “protest” against ETECSA, mercenary Yoani Sanchez was among the leaders of this subversive project. She is a puppet whose ego has been boosted by great amount of money given by the US government.

Let’s bear in mind her words while referring to a possible Green Wave in Cuba in an interview granted back in 2009. That year, she stated:

“We are not quite there right now. Cuba’s civil society is still a bit fragmented. The converging points, ways to associate each other are indeed weak. Nonetheless, the possibility is not that far. There is a chance we get there in a couple of years. By then, there will be more sophisticated technologies and perhaps the Cuban Green Wave could be even more powerful.”

Those who recently introduced themselves into the world of Internet thanks to the efforts made by ETECSA to overcome the US blockade should know that she and the “independent” website she is running, are both part of a Task Force group that by means of “strengthening the US policy towards Cuba,” tries to foster through Internet the “free and unregulated flow of information in the island.”

The “free and unregulated flow of information” is in line with the string of lies that newspapers such as El Nuevo Herald publish on Cuba every day and whose purpose is no other than, Helms-Burton and other genocide badly conceived plan willing, triggering a crisis that encourages destabilization from social networks.

Suffice to say that people of this kind do not care about the wellbeing of the rest of the population. Their welfare is at odds with the essence of their mission and goal: the comfort earned by working for a foreign power.

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Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz/CubaSí Translation Staff

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