Donald Trump: Shooting drug dealers?

Donald Trump: Shooting drug dealers?
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31 March 2018
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The White House released in a communiqué that “the Department of Justice will seek the death penalty against drug dealers when it’s appropriate under the law”.

Helpless to stop drug addiction, Donald Trump resorts to everything with the aim, at least, to reduce it.

With a youth hit by that evil, and without hiding his desperation, he even dares to threaten to shoot the numerous drug traffickers who invade his country.

Thus reported on Monday from Washington Spanish news agency EFE.

According to that outlet’s text, the president and his wife Melania will travel to New Hampshire, the third state with the highest drug overdose death rate, to roll out the strategy on the problem.

Some 175 Americans die from that cause a day, on average.

The White House released in a communiqué that “the Department of Justice will seek the death penalty against drug traffickers when it’s appropriate under current law".

They refer to several products that can be purchased in the black market by means of prescriptions and others.

Likewise, Trump will call on Congress to pass a law that lowers the minimum amount of drugs to invoke mandatory minimum sentences against the drug dealers who distribute them”, the communiqué reiterated.

EFE adds that the said offense is prosecuted in U.S. on the basis of a 1986 law, which establishes 20 years for minor drug dealers and life imprisonment for especially serious cases.

Recently, the head of state insinuated his support to death penalty against drug dealers.

And on that regard, he said: “Some countries have for this a very, very tough penalty, the ultimate penalty”.

“And, of course, they have much less of a drug problem than we do”.

With certain desperation, Washington authorities try to prevent the addiction phenomenon that surrounds them seeking a vaccine that allows them to prevent opioid addiction.

The news agency added that over the last six years in US drug overdose deaths have become the leading cause of violent death, followed by car accident or gun deaths.

EFE also reported that in that country, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, headquartered In Atlanta, there were 64,000 deaths due to the aforementioned reasons in 2016.

One should ask:

Do the causes of this tragedy only have as a solution to shoot drug traffickers, in Trump’s style?

If so, we would be misconfusing the real cause with one of its effects.

But the reason lies in the system, which causes the evils of capitalism with their burden of misery and inequalities.

The harvest of gangs, which are riddled with bullets in the streets prove it.


Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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