FIART 2017: “Art, Usefulness, and Trade”

FIART 2017: “Art, Usefulness, and Trade”
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6 December 2017
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Under this motto and up to December 17, the 21st International Craft Fair will be held at Havana’s fairgrounds Pabexpo.

Cuban craftsmen from all over the country will attend the fair, as well as foreign craftsmen from 17 countries who will take up 67 stands. Such foreign craftsmen come from Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Spain, India, Mexico, Venezuela, among other nations.

This edition is dedicated to the province of Santiago de Cuba, and glass as handicraft manifestation. This time, the fair will be part of the celebrations for the Ibero-American Craft Year.

This majestic show of art and cultural identity of people is organized by the Cuban Funds of Cultural Assets.

As usual, FIART grants privilege to Cuban craftsmen who will take up most of the exhibition grounds. Likewise, other cultural institutions of Cuba such as Egrem, Casa de las Americas, ARTEX, Genesis, and Fundacion Caguayo —headed by renowned artist Alberto Lescay— will join the fair.

You will witness a vast exhibition of handicrafts from the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba —which treasures a great historical and cultural tradition (home of diverse musical genres very much attached to the Caribbean traditions).

The fair will start with a tribute to the recently deceased craftswoman Rosa Maria de la Terga who excelled as one of the most important exponents of Cuba’s glass art. Besides, different artists will be granted awards for their lifetime works. During the final days, the best stands and products exhibited will be awarded as well.

There will be two theoretical spaces; i.e. the two conferences on furniture to be given by Mr. Ulf Brunne, Dean of the Furniture University of Sweden, who will also meet with Cuban craftsmen linked to this art manifestation.

The International Crafts Fair, FIART, the greatest event of its kind in the island, is an excellent opportunity to show the most representative of Cuban crafts items. At the same time, it fosters works in which techniques and handicraft manifestations like expression of identity and cultural traditions from different regions of the world.

FIART, excellent platform to the promotion of Cuban crafts is back in December 2017 with the perfect convergence of art, usefulness, and trade in a wonderful show of the cultural traditions of people.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz//CubaSi Translation Staff

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