The Bandit Bob Menéndez and His Accomplices

The Bandit Bob Menéndez and His Accomplices
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20 November 2017
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The ongoing trial this Monday against the democratic senator Bob Menéndez for bribing was postponed, despite accumulating so many charges against him.  

Among them he is accused of fraud and illicit association. To that is added the fact of false statement for not reporting gifts he received from the multimillionaire oculist Salomón Melgen.  

This occurs despite the 18 crimes authorities attribute to those involved.


A juror pointed out that, in his opinion, she had voted since in favor of an acquittal since it was impossible the agreement of judges about what happened.  

If the jury doesn’t come to an agreement, it would give place for a mistrial; this would be considered a defeat for the government, given the seriousness of the accusations and the 24-month period used in the investigation.  

Some remember that this process included accusations on the relationships kept by Menéndez and Melgen with prostitutes from the Dominican Republic that shook the press of that Caribbean country at the time.  

Others don't forget that Salomón Melgen has been one of the most generous donor to the electoral campaigns of Senator Robert Menéndez to keep his positions in the United Congress States.  

The scandals ended up mixing FBI interventions in the oculist's offices in Miami.  

The federal judge of that city, after receiving the notification of the jury, set them free. "Go home, eat and rest well and clear up your minds”, then he asked them to return on Tuesday.  

Prosecutors sustain that Menéndez and Melgen conspired between 2006-2013. Menéndez, they say, accepted deluxe vacations and flights in the eye-doctor’s private plane in exchange for his political influence.  

Everybody knows that Bob Menéndez next to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Marco Rubio, and Rafael Dìaz-Balart have integrated the group that has viciously attacked Cuba behind the argument of a supposed lack of democracy.  

However, you will know them by their facts.

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