Irma: A name never been so mentioned before

Irma: A name never been so mentioned before
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8 September 2017
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My neighbor Irma never figured out that her name would be - at some point in her life - so mentioned, but in a "terrifying" way. Irma has become an informational event in recent days, as it always happens when it is about an atmospheric phenomenon of such magnitude.

Comments have gone through several stages in social networks, some - very peculiar to Cubans - original and funny, like the one recently written on Facebook by colleague Elias Argudin and that encouraged several people to share it: "What is the name of the hurricane that threatens us Irma or Trump? "

However, as the hours have passed (of course) the complexity of the issue has been reflected in the texts. Calls for caring human lives and preservation of material goods fill the networks.

From the eastern province of Las Tunas, local Jorge Perez calls "for a miracle", whereas Eric Yanes, cameraman from Ciego de Avila’s TV station –not without concern– points out that the reservoirs of this territory, very affected by the drought, are ready to receive the rainfalls from Irma; "Let it leave us water and let it go right to the north."

At midst the uncertainty that a cyclone always causes, and furthermore when it is known how powerful and strong it is, Cubans wondered where renowned meteorologist José Rubiera was. His sapience and wisdom manifest themselves every year by this time and many calmed down after he finally appeared on the 8 o’clock TV news to offer us his report about Hurricane Irma. Although his excellent students, as Rubiera himself called them, did not do a bad job in his absence.

Journalist Jorge Legañoa, from the Cuban News Agency, had already calmed some via Facebook stating that "the knight of hurricanes" was not in Cuba at this moment (he wrote on the eve), but he would arrive on Thursday.

Hours have passed and Irma has already ravaged some Caribbean islands.

Yurien Portelles reports that according to the prime minister of Barbuda, “the island is unsuitable for life”. Meanwhile, Cubans continue to follow step by step the mischiefs of Irma, a name that had never been so mentioned before.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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